Exploding into Spring!

Every evening, just after I would be done with Office hours, I would sit and watch this leafless tree get filled up, one at a time, by birds. Slowly, the whole tree would look full and complete, with the birds looking like leaves in the fading wintry light. In the complete quiet around, the slightest of noises scared them off. So, I had kept the window open, with the camera ready, luckily just a little before the birds arrived. It took a good 15 minutes or so for the tree to “blossom”, and despite the freezing breeze coming in through the window, I felt nice and warm. 

I had been watching these since a few days, and had begun to have a rough idea that these birds were on their way to some place, and used this tree on their way for a short pause. And then, suddenly, breaking the complete silence, was the sound of hundreds of wings flapping, as they all took off in a massive explosion. 

Birds exploding out into Spring

Birds exploding out into Spring

Whatever the thermometer said, at whatever time the sun set, no matter how windy and chilly it was, I was infused with fresh hope that Spring was around the corner somewhere when I saw this sight. I was lucky enough to see it a couple of times before trying to click it. Now, I can almost not wait for the winter to come, thaw away, and for Spring to make such a dramatic comeback. 

Isn’t there something remarkable about the time when seasons are changing and blending from one into another? Is there a lesson in it for me? 


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