Reflections and introspections

Firstly, apologies for being offline and away all this while. We were on a vacation and had limited access to the internet. Meanwhile, we think we have been very privileged for we saw some stunning sights of nature all along the way, some very inspiring art and architecture in Italy and several tiny experiences which all add up and make Europe so fascinating. We will be sharing them all here eventually, as we sit and recollect the memories.

One of the strongest memories that comes to our minds when we sit back and think about our trip is that of a beautiful lake, so clear and still, that we could see a mirror reflection of literally everything. We did not hike to it expecting such views. We were actually a little short of time, and given the amount of time we had, we decided that a lake would be the best place to go considering we could choose only one destination. We are so glad we chose this lake! It lies in the Fiè (Völs) region of South Tyrol in Italy and we found the place to be just too pretty for words. We can’t wait to go back there again at some point of time (of course for a longer time! 🙂 ). 

So, back to the lake – after a short hike, we stumbled onto this little jewel of a lake, the skies fortunately clear enough to permit some light to filter down and we saw a perfect reflection of the mountains.

Further on, the view just continued in all directions. We spent a good couple of hours here. It was always going to be difficult to capture the wide view sweeping across us, with the birds chirping a little, the breeze blowing gently, the light changing in intensity as the clouds rolled overhead. But we tried to capture a slice of the panorama in front and whenever memory gets hazy due to whatever reason, a quick look at these photographs and we are able to re-live it a little!

In places like these, it is much easier to pause and reflect at our own actions. Makes one wonder how underrated simplicity is.


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