Wishing everyone a Happy new year! :-)

Like waves which break on the beach,

retreat and then merge into a new wave,

With similar cosmic continuity,

I hope we live – closer to the earth.

cyclical, eternal, renewable and short-lived


As we continue our orbital journey around the sun, as a new year begins, I wish that all of us are orbited and surrounded by happiness, thoughts, balance, strength and ever increasing sensibility!

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂

The right horizon at the right time

streaks of light and color

streaks of light and color

Almost like a pendulum

the sun swung around;

On its morning path it went

spilling colors along;

Birds chirped in tune

like in a cuckoo clock;

A view to behold: drawn on every horizon

wherever someone waited in anticipation.


One Sun, two sun-events (sunrise and sunset), infinite horizons, numberless combinations of clouds, water droplets and dust in the air, countless backgrounds, incalculable frames of mind and limitless words in our single lifetime.

The first snowfall – memories to last


Snow crunched underneath,

trees powdered white,

everything underlined in bold,

and all tucked in under a blanket.

Our regular friendly lake – now frozen and icy in its demeanor,

the leaves and Fall arrested in a cold grip.

Sudden gusts of wind – forests shivering and shaking off some snow,

The skies were passive – no blues and oranges today.

Red berries covered in ice:

like paired rubies and diamonds,

a Christmas present for us all.

With the soft light and softer snow – a bright, warm smile

From the all-white and all-pure world,

arose a renewed Joie de Vivre.

When the canvas was a painting

Drops of paint

Drops of paint

Tiny clouds floating down towards us,

Watery drops of frozen joy,

Cleansing the mind as I observe them.

Turning everything around me into a white canvas,

On which winter is drawn out.


The first snowfall is here. And it is profoundly beautiful. We will be heading out into the woods at the earliest over the weekend. Can’t wait!

Thoughts go out to those affected by Hurricane Xaver though – wishing everyone affected a speedy and good recovery.