Some more scenes from Kolkata

While we wait for the snow to arrive, we mentally revisited Kolkata where we had spent some time around 2 years back.

We had gone walking around the Dakshineshwar temple complex and saw a colorful pantheon of (a few) Indian Gods at a tree-side shrine. The bricks and the stones were all covered in gray – from the smoke and the dust – but the statues somehow stood out.

Farther down the road, a colorful scene in a small food stall caught our eyes. We saw a lady cooking something, while her young kid was playing around in the tiny kitchen. He looked back at us with his dark, innocent eyes, pausing enough just to wonder who the real tourist was, and then scampered off again. 

What's cooking?

Who's the tourist?

After a brief stop at the temple, we headed towards the Hooghly riverbank, and saw among other things, a lady fishing with a very different approach than anything we had seen before. She had a long piece of string, which she had secured to a heavy looking ring. She would toss this ring into the water, and then later reel it in.


By now the winter sun was setting, and this led to strong reflections off the river. We saw some kids wading into the river, some fishing as well, and a few of them pondering about something. One of them looked as if he was actually walking on water.

Eventually, we headed homewards, or rather, hotel-wards, and as we crossed a narrow side-lane, we thought of a scene we had seen there the same morning. A man sitting on a stool, while a barber shaved his face extremely leisurely, even though the road was narrow and beginning to bustle with daily life.

A close shave ?

It had been yet another day which had provided several memorable events.



3 comments on “Some more scenes from Kolkata

  1. I really enjoyed your post, particularly as I’ve just returned from my annual trip to Kolkata. Your photos too capture the pure beauty and essence of the city.

    Wishing you success on your blog & a very happy 2014!

    Ana at The Asian Destination

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