Aren’t we already millionaires?

Western man is so surrounded by ideas, so bombarded with opinions, concepts, and information sources of all sorts, that it becomes difficult to experience anything without the intervening filter of these structures. And the natural world – our traditional source of direct insight – is rapidly disappearing. Modern city-dwellers cannot even see the stars at night. This humbling reminder of man’s place in the greater scheme of things, which human beings formerly saw once every twenty four hours, is denied them. It is no wonder that people lose their bearings, they lose track of who they really are, and what their lives are really about.

– John Michael Crichton

All the city lights, the night sky light pollution robs us of a very spectacular sight. I have been very privileged to have seen our home, the Milky Way galaxy, for a brief moment from the Himalayas. It was the most awe-inspiring and humbling sight I had seen. Waiting to go into the darkness to find some answers.


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