A (brush)stroke of time

Time – abstract, slow, fast, relative, wonderful. How it changed this little lake and the trees around it.

We go to this lake pretty often – obviously we quite love it!

The first picture is taken on October 26 – the Fall colors are still visible. It was starting to get cold, the rain was pretty constant. But the leaves were there, in full glory. And the sky did occasionally put on a bright blue shade.

The second picture is taken from practically the same spot in the beginning of February. While it has not snowed much this time compared to last year in this part of Germany, temperatures have hovered around freezing for a while. That has given us a chance to see the lake freeze up to varying degrees! The colorful leaves are gone, the light is poor, the trees look barren, there is no blue sky and obviously no blue reflection on the frozen water.

Fall - colors, sky, water, leaves winter


Time – and perspective – a study? We miss the Fall colors now, but I am sure we will look back fondly at the memory of the frozen lake too. The ‘times’ seem to be good.



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