Love restored

We’d fought with each other,
were now soaked in negativity,
scorched by Anger,
and weighed by Ego.
Sick of ill-feeling,
thorn-like fingers directed
even sharper words to and fro,
ripping our special bond. 
screaming people

screaming people

Barren trees greeted us,
branches spread out and up,
like a rotating dancer’s arms,
thrown up in happy abandon.
dancing tree

dancing tree

As the sunlight bathed us,
tensions evaporated.
As the clouds floated in,
light filtered through.
It wasn’t blindingly white
or blindingly black now.
Love rushed in gradually,
like the transient light that touched me
light filtering through

light filtering through

Strong winds had snapped feelings
and flung them like dead, detached branches.
But as soon as a bit of calm crept in
the breeze left only a revitalizing disturbance –
 – leaving behind ripples but also stillness.
peaceful, windy footprints

peaceful, windy footprints

An overnight rain shower
had left the ground soft;
As if following a tip,
We softened our words.
Like winter merging into summer,
we caught up with each other
and held hands,
while our eyes followed.

4 comments on “Love restored

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Beautifully said! 🙂 Pertinent metaphors! Luvz and hugz, Uncle Tree

  2. gabbartrip says:

    Thank you! We are ultimately a part of nature – the metaphors floated in as soon as we stepped out! 🙂 Sending back love and hugs too 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful poem with delightful descriptions of emotion. Nature does have a calming effect. We have much to learn from her. ~ Dennis

    • gabbartrip says:

      Thank you! Yes, nature has a magical effect – it shuts down background noise when we pause and look at her in her infinite forms. As you correctly say, so much to learn from her. Wishing you a nice weekend. Regards.

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