Springing back

Soon, millions of leaves,

will flutter like flags,

signalling the arrival of Spring.


The photograph was taken last year, around May. Certain memories and feelings are so strong. We can’t remember a lot of things about our jobs, about mundane activities, about things we did because we just had to. But, on one of our walks outdoors, the breeze, the freshness of the leaves, the sight of pollination, the warmth of the sun – left us revitalized.

Looking forward very eagerly to Spring now!


4 comments on “Springing back

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Me, too. 😉 Lovely scene!

  2. madhu says:

    As green as green can be.Lovely picture!

  3. gabbartrip says:

    Thank you! It was a lovely sight – we find looking at plants very relaxing – the green plants with colorful flowers, below blue skies, with dark tree trunks, etc! 🙂

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