Daily encounters with someone ageless

One of the warmest people we know,

leaves us every evening.

Reminds us that we live in a painting,

one with colorful skies, clouds, grass, trees and reeds.

As he leaves, the shades drip out of the painting,

the tones fade, the hues ooze out.

He walks endlessly,

from horizon to horizon.

Tired, crouched, with slow footsteps,

as he walks away from us;

He brings hope and joy

to the ones who try to see him.

Somewhere, on the horizon,

he seems to gain energy;

which he again distributes to us all,

and fathers the world.

~ ~ ~ ~

He walked away, sure to come back

He walked away, sure to come back

It finally dawned on us, even though it was a sunset. The setting sun, through a canopy of trees in a wooded area near what we call home, looked like a human figure retreating away from us – walking towards a distant horizon, growing smaller, dimmer and colder as he went along.

Relative Motion

Some move on, excited,
dreaming the view in front
Some move on, hopeful,
leaving the view that’s gone.
Un-synchronized motions,
A different ‘how’, different ‘when’
Both motives different,
Yet moving ahead, in time.

Take a moment, look behind,
You may stumble, you may fall
But these stops, are what matter,
breathe it in, soak it all.
Every stop, a different view,
what seemed big, now looks small
All the tiny things you missed,
Now you see them, seem a lot.

When you are, where you are,
Laugh it off, dream it on
Never dread, a climb down or fall
It’s just gravity, made for all.

For it’s not a peak, it’s a range
Enjoy all the views,
Up or down, keep the crawl.