Relative Motion

Some move on, excited,
dreaming the view in front
Some move on, hopeful,
leaving the view that’s gone.
Un-synchronized motions,
A different ‘how’, different ‘when’
Both motives different,
Yet moving ahead, in time.

Take a moment, look behind,
You may stumble, you may fall
But these stops, are what matter,
breathe it in, soak it all.
Every stop, a different view,
what seemed big, now looks small
All the tiny things you missed,
Now you see them, seem a lot.

When you are, where you are,
Laugh it off, dream it on
Never dread, a climb down or fall
It’s just gravity, made for all.

For it’s not a peak, it’s a range
Enjoy all the views,
Up or down, keep the crawl.


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