Of Gorges and Falls

It all seems surreal, each time we meet,
fellow travelers , familiar strangers;
She , with all the miles behind her,
I , a lost soul in-search of direction.

Our paths meet often, almost fated,
just as I get anxious, afraid;
She greets me gently, with a smile,
as if she was waiting, for me to arrive.

Awe-struck at first, I follow her around,
she lets me, a little amused;
And eventually a conversation ensues,
in a wordless flow begins her story.

Born off what she breathes through now,
mountains shape her like she shapes them;
For her no beginning, nor an end,
just an ever-changing her, an eroding them .

My thoughts explore her struggle now,
ups and downs that come her way;
And almost as if reading my mind,
she laughingly , shows her way.

Neither proud nor clueless of this form,
she was at peace with her soul;
For never have I known a fall so bright,
falling not with fear , but with roar.

A roar so loud , it silences noise,
A roar so bold , it scares all fear;
A fall so free, it makes you fly,
A fall so deep, it breaks barriers.

And with this force of the fall,
I see her climb up, wiser, stronger;
Rounding off all that’s sharp,
flowing over all that’s not.

And up there , she stays a while,
A pool of emerald, and gems in light;
Giving life to all around her,
free of bondage, any kind.


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