The Rabaris


These were taken during a trip to Kutch (Gujarat) in 2010 . Just came across the photographs, what a cultural treat this trip was ! Here’s the penned down experience with the Rabaris (more on this trip later) –

Managed to bump into a group of Rabaris on the highway where we had stopped for some chai , had to pay them 50 Rupees because I clicked some candids. I guess they get really tired of people invading their privacy; didn’t realize I had, till the lady asked for the money. This group comprised of two Rabari women and a young boy, along with their camels. This is the first time that I got to see how they travel – they carry all their belongings on these camels , and they give a new meaning to ‘travelling light’ , especially considering they carry their entire life’s belongings along. The camels were carrying an upturned charpai each , the utensils (mostly lota) were stacked on the legs, and the rest of their belongings were packed neatly and hung from this bed.

The women were dressed in black from head to toe, with beautifully embroidered blouses (they are very well-known for their embroidery) , were heavily tattooed, and wore traditional metal earrings and ivory bangles. The camels, which are their bread and butter, were not neglected at all – they were very colorfully accessorized and looked really happy ! The boy was a little shy but had such penetrating eyes that I almost looked away, in spite of the camera in front of me.

It was a brief encounter which left me very curious about their lives , and very introspective of mine…


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