Forced Reflection


Lying restless, inertial her thoughts,
oscillating from was , to what could be
Tormenting awareness of a wasted now,
She twists and turns, incessantly.

She finds relief in night no more,
a knight armed with countless dreams
Her faith lost before the joust,
The Spear – a fear of defeat;

Never realising all this while
It was her spear that killed her dreams.

Time , the healer, what shall he heal ?
He fights denial, instead reveals
And gently probing her loveless wounds,
He works his magic and pain shoots.

Sudden panic, oh how she suffers !
Denial , her constant refuge to pain
But Time comes to aid, over and over,
Till she surrenders all to her strength;

Her strength to not seek random shadows
But a familiar and wiser reflection.


acrylic on canvas , 1 week


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