My moonsong

As the artist makes love
to her strings
every fortnight,

As notes of new songs
breathe in life
every fortnight,

As the music holds together
sun and moon
every fortnight,

As the darkness and light
hold their smiles
every fortnight,

As I am bathed in red
and then white
every fortnight,

The moonsong lights my way ,
A joyful rhythm,
Every fortnight.


acrylic on canvas , 4 days

Inspired by my brief experience of motherhood, the spiritual aspect of menstruation (, the purush-prakruti concept of Hindu mythology ( Book by Dr. Devdutta Pattanaik), my inner truth ( the voice that got heard once again ) , the book – Gems from Bhagavan , and Rp ( inspired this dream of harmony)


2 comments on “My moonsong

  1. I am a lover of non-conventional work and what I liked the most about the poetry is that it comes across as a modern piece of work and yet has an underlying tone of a classic rhythm. Keep up the good work.

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