A horizontal waterfall

Walking through dull

unnatural, linear shapes,

leaving the cage-bars of planned grid-work,

We saw a more pleasing line

where the sea met the sky,

bound like the pages of a book

at the horizon.


It was breathing,

audible in its waves

visible in the way

it heaved and pulled in.


Soles walking on the sand and pebbles,

injected life into our tired souls,

as cold water lapping our feet,

washed the gathered fatigue away.


Seagulls accompanied us now,

as our spirits soared mit,

The sun warmed our hearts

on our soft sandy bed.


The occasional massive wave silenced our inner noise,

thumped and shook the ground and us

as we were pleasantly distracted by the wind

teasingly pelting us with sand.


Looking out at the sea,

we realized that the waves

were essentially water tumbling down since ever,

down a huge horizontal waterfall.



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