Lustige Ryzhiy I

I once befriended a funny cat,
I chose to call him ‘meow’
He came to me, smellin’ milk in air,
perhaps a fish, or mouse
Hopped up the stairs, four tiny feet,
a cottonball, defyin’ gravity
Sniffed the corners everywhere,
to fulfill, his curio-sity
There I stood , mesmerized,
by his ‘ meow’ and by his eyes
And just as I went for a pat,
he pulled a ‘grrr’ from his hat
“I’ll come to you, so just chill,
I’m not a pet, I have free will
I might be cute, but don’t forget
The lion, my dear, is also cat.”

Humbled, I make place by my side,
the sofa, forever, now occupied.

Ryzhiy and us, acrylic on canvas

Ryzhiy and us, acrylic on canvas

So many laughs together, so many arguments; so many naps together, so many conversations .  Here’s to you my dear friend,  I am going to miss you immensely you tiny little universe.  Besides the poems , paintings and photographs that you have been a muse to, you have also inspired a book – ‘1001 ways to kidnap your landlady’s cat and take him with you to India ‘. Here’s to you my Russian friend , Na zdorovie !!!

Poem – 03/02/14, Painting – 11/03/15


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