Home sweet Home. Home ?

Returned to Bangalore on the 28th of March. A year back around the same time, I had been elated at the thought of being back in India, truly excited. Now that I am here, I feel different , not as jubilant as I had been about the idea of being back. India too feels different – almost unfamiliar in so many ways. I see Europe as well now. I miss my forest and the lake , feel quite disoriented without them. The silence which I befriended on my walks in the woods, seems a little sensitive to the sounds here; in the same manner as how the sounds I befriended in India, had been sensitive to the new found silence of the woods . I had been extremely confused about this when I landed here , the first two months my mind was but a fog. It has begun to lift a little, and one thing I have begun to see clearly now  – ‘home’ is no longer about belonging , I feel a part of everywhere; home is wherever I want to be at that moment in time .

It’s incredible how your world grows with you , and how real perspectives are. You are never really in the same place twice, not truly. And each perspective offers such brilliant views, it feels unfair to compare.

Some views from my ‘new’ home .


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