This love – hate relationship has gone on far too long, don’t you think ?

“You are disturbing the democratic process . You are the only one complaining.”,
says a political party supporter during their campaign for the local elections happening currently in Bangalore.
My problem – a rickshaw right next to our house in a residential area, was shouting out the party songs and promotional speech through two massive speakers. He said he had government permission. I asked if he had permission to play it so loudly  in a residential area. His reply ” only you have a problem.”
Irony – they were distributing ‘vote for us’ brochures .

Yes sir, I am the one disturbing the democratic process. Thank you for the respect you are showing us citizens. Your empathy to our problems , however ‘insignificant’, is greatly appreciated .

This event is significant because it raises two very important issues according to me –
1 – Why is our tolerance to pain so high in this country ? Why is it wrong to stand up for oneself , even if one in number ? Is it a pessimistic attitude of ‘ humse kuch nahi hoga’ ? And why still this attitude ? Or do people actually not find anything wrong in disturbing and disrespecting another person ?
2 – We need stringent noise pollution laws in this country. Period.

India, I want to love you. Let’s put an end to this love-hate relationship please. Let it be one of love-respect. This is my prayer on our Independence day. Let us be free from hate and non-thought.


2 comments on “This love – hate relationship has gone on far too long, don’t you think ?

  1. I totally agree, not just noise pollution law..
    We need stringent and effective laws, which shld be effective deterence for law breakers.
    Freedom of one shld not impinge upon peace and freedom of other.
    Our whole law system is soo ineffective n weak , that the laws already present , are not even implemented

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