Earth day ’21

Wishing everyone a happy Earth Day 2021 in advance!

Let’s rebuild, repair, heal and restore our Earth and our Heart. Realise how Earth and Heart are spellt using the same letters? 🙂

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the gaps and cracks in our broken system. Now it is breaking the system too, and breaking the many broken members which make up the system – us.

That’s what crises do.

But there is an upside; an upside in the way so many of us have responded, united, to raise our voice, to act, to help and support however we can.

A broken system can be repaired and rebuilt, we can rebuild and heal ourselves and learn lessons from this crisis and aim to minimise the impact of the next one – be it an incoming economic crisis, or the much more serious (and almost hidden) and ongoing climate crisis, which will spare none.

If this pandemic is scary, think of the next one. A lesson is pointless if no lessons are learnt from it.

Thank you to so many who inspire! 🙏

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