A Giant and a rock.

Have been going to this place since a few years now, and this ‘piece’ of rock is something that I just love! The layers, the colours, the textures, the ride to this place (struggling in the uphill sections, against a stiff headwind, and then zipping downhill at what feels lightning fast speed), the whole experience is so peaceful and therapeutic. I wish we, as a species, leave some stones unturned. 

A new beginning

There has been a nice and satisfying ‘development’ in the past couple of months.

After several months of planning, discussions, occasional doubts and several beautiful inspirations, we have finally managed to actually get into ‘teaching’, and are feeling good about it! There is so much to learn, so much to get inspired and humbled by, and so much to appreciate in the grand design of things, that this has been one of the stronger highlights in the recent past. It gives us enough reason to change something about ourselves, and a lot of new exposure to the way kids live their life, and while we set out to ‘teach’, we’ve realized that you cannot separate it from what teaching teaches you.

Here’s where we are updating everything related to the classes : https://thesummerblossoms.wordpress.com/. Please do go through it and let us know your thoughts / suggestions.

The Summer Blossoms

The Summer Blossoms

”We are essentially a network of connections. And nature has used its brush strokes to create stunning patterns which are always there to remind us of these connections – connections waiting to be discovered by each of us. 

The first three months of the workshop have been designed for the children to explore the vast network that they are a part of. The workshop aims to strengthen the human to human connections as well , and in the process blur artificial borders and patterns that have been created over the years, patterns which disconnect and isolate instead of aiding oneness .

Coming back to connections. So the activities revolve around nature . We study and observe nature through various forms – art, craft, poetry, stories, Fleischer cartoons, nature documentaries and movies, games, reading patterns on leaves, books, analogies with the human body and social structure, studying geography, animals etc. Since we live in an extremely populated city with next to negligible access to nature, I feel a little limited. It would be so much easier if cities were designed keeping this aspect in mind – we need to be close to nature in our daily lives, not through monthly or yearly vacations.” – The Summer Blossoms


Lustige Ryzhiy I

I once befriended a funny cat,
I chose to call him ‘meow’
He came to me, smellin’ milk in air,
perhaps a fish, or mouse
Hopped up the stairs, four tiny feet,
a cottonball, defyin’ gravity
Sniffed the corners everywhere,
to fulfill, his curio-sity
There I stood , mesmerized,
by his ‘ meow’ and by his eyes
And just as I went for a pat,
he pulled a ‘grrr’ from his hat
“I’ll come to you, so just chill,
I’m not a pet, I have free will
I might be cute, but don’t forget
The lion, my dear, is also cat.”

Humbled, I make place by my side,
the sofa, forever, now occupied.

Ryzhiy and us, acrylic on canvas

Ryzhiy and us, acrylic on canvas

So many laughs together, so many arguments; so many naps together, so many conversations .  Here’s to you my dear friend,  I am going to miss you immensely you tiny little universe.  Besides the poems , paintings and photographs that you have been a muse to, you have also inspired a book – ‘1001 ways to kidnap your landlady’s cat and take him with you to India ‘. Here’s to you my Russian friend , Na zdorovie !!!

Poem – 03/02/14, Painting – 11/03/15

The Magician The Fool


my reality

acrylic on canvas – 2 months


“I think I am going crazy. I don’t know what to believe anymore. How do you do it ? ”
“That’s the fun part , walking the thin line between sanity and insanity, the real and unreal.”

Thank you Rp for the conversation.
This one is for you .

‘Choose your reality carefully for soon it will choose you.’
“Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault with reality” – from ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’

My moonsong

As the artist makes love
to her strings
every fortnight,

As notes of new songs
breathe in life
every fortnight,

As the music holds together
sun and moon
every fortnight,

As the darkness and light
hold their smiles
every fortnight,

As I am bathed in red
and then white
every fortnight,

The moonsong lights my way ,
A joyful rhythm,
Every fortnight.


acrylic on canvas , 4 days

Inspired by my brief experience of motherhood, the spiritual aspect of menstruation (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/shameless-woman/201101/the-importance-listening-our-menstrual-cycle), the purush-prakruti concept of Hindu mythology ( Book by Dr. Devdutta Pattanaik), my inner truth ( the voice that got heard once again ) , the book – Gems from Bhagavan , and Rp ( inspired this dream of harmony)

Forced Reflection


Lying restless, inertial her thoughts,
oscillating from was , to what could be
Tormenting awareness of a wasted now,
She twists and turns, incessantly.

She finds relief in night no more,
a knight armed with countless dreams
Her faith lost before the joust,
The Spear – a fear of defeat;

Never realising all this while
It was her spear that killed her dreams.

Time , the healer, what shall he heal ?
He fights denial, instead reveals
And gently probing her loveless wounds,
He works his magic and pain shoots.

Sudden panic, oh how she suffers !
Denial , her constant refuge to pain
But Time comes to aid, over and over,
Till she surrenders all to her strength;

Her strength to not seek random shadows
But a familiar and wiser reflection.


acrylic on canvas , 1 week