Connecting Heaven to land – monsoon.

It’s round the corner now!


Back ‘home'(?) or rather, back to school.

I no longer know where home is.

All I do know is the feeling of being welcome in a place, the warmth, the vibes, the familiarity and new lessons.

Bangalore has been a place which has shaped me, and almost exactly a year later, (and what a year it has been, the first year as an educator / learning facilitator (not sure if the word ‘teacher’ exists!), as we return there for a brief time, I can’t help but remember the lessons learnt, and all that had been unlearnt there, of what to do and, what not.

Looking forward!

All aboard?

Almost time to depart on the next leg of the journey!

Some new tracks, metal fabric stitching us together, some new scenery, some fresh rolling stock, some new co-travelers, some younger, older and more familiar, all of us hopefully better versions of ourselves.. All of us with our own baggage, hopefully optimized and repacked over the short break.

New time tables planned, new plans now tabled, new tracks mapped out, new maps which need to be tracked, on this train where all are passengers, guards, loco drivers, station masters as well as the teams less visible in the background, often, all at once..

All on-board? Let the wheels roll!



Ever since moving to the new city/’job’, I’m  happy on being able to listen to some purely spoken languages here (some new, some familiar) in the past half year, and thinking about the joy of listening to ‘foreign’ words reminds me of this image and the range of feelings associated when one listens to a new tongue. 

Regret flashes by when I accept I didn’t learn Kannada when I had such a good chance to, while in Bangalore. 

But, new place, new beginnings. \m/