To Restore balance,

Reduce, reuse, recycle,

Respond and rethink, responsibly,

Return to greener habits,

Reforest yourself and your neighbourhood,

Revisit simplicity,

Reimagine your habits, readjust them,

Read, research, reflect, review with friends,

Remember your role in the web of Life,

Rectify habits where they need to be, refine them,

React positively and constructively, re-energise, reach out,

Reach out renewably to repair our broken ways,

Reply to the inner calling of Nature,

Refuse to let things stay the way they are if they’re unhealthy,

Join the revolution which wants a healthier planet,

Rebuild a better planet,

Refit yourself so that you fit too,

Reality is here and now,

Realise this,

Reason with the unreasonable as far as possible,

then, resume your journey,

Recover from your weaknesses

Rediscover your intentions

Remove yourself from toxic, polluted environments,

Replace toxicity with Life,

Rejoice in the tiny changes that you make

For you are rekindling something huge,

Repent not, restart at the earliest,

Refresh, rejuvenate in this abundant beauty, and

Reignite yourself in Nature’s wisdom,

Reciprocate the Love you’re getting from her, and reconnect.

Retain this.



A short reminder, to us all.

Painting courtesy: Priyasha Sharma (thesummerblossoms on Facebook)

Freedom from In-dependence

Today, as we celebrate Independence Day, and freedom, the question that keeps popping up in my head is if we really are independent, and more ‘’pinchingly’’, are we really free?

Freedom from a foreign power, in India’s case? Yes.

Freedom from Prejudice, narrow / close – mindedness? How about Freedom from Ego and the illusion of Power and control? What about freedom to question / debate?

I read these beautiful words “I’m more concerned with retreading ideas” – (from Paul Salopek’s masterful series of dispatches from his incredible expedition – ‘’’’) – and I wonder if we all, as a nation, as a people, are free to retread ideas? Or will we be blocked by something or someone? Legislation, regulation, religion, bias, inertia, something else? Will we want to invest our ‘non-renewable’ time into something so long-term not knowing whether it might become a success? Will we be free from the restraints of poverty and illiteracy?

A lot of questions remain unanswered. Some of them are new, and not yet understood; a lot of them- much older. The solutions seem to be coming in quickly now. A lot of things are improving, slowly maybe, but certainly. I think all across the world, people have never been this awake and vocal. Loads of campaigns, lots of petitions, discussions in forums, debates on social media, and so on are somehow managing to turn negative and frustration-inducing energy into ideas, into ‘wanting-to-do’, harmonizing scores of people slowly, but surely.

Maybe, if things continue like this towards a positive trend, in a few years we will see a tipping point, a point where the masses do, not dream of. The myopic introspection we all seem to suffer from, at some point of time or other, will be corrected.

On this Independence Day, let’s take a pledge to be become free, not just in a political sense, but at individual level; not just at the national level, but at a global level; not just for humans, but for all of nature and the intricate Ecosystem; not just in words, but also in action.

All freedom struggles have been wanted badly enough, have been tough and long-fought. How about a collective struggle for our planet, and the incredibly varied and diverse life forms that inhabit it?

To Freedom!

A tiny bit of help

We were made aware of this group of people who were doing a wonderful job of rescuing, treating and nurturing ill and injured street animals in India sometime during the beginning of 2014. We managed to get in touch with a couple of friends who had spent a day at their campus and saw the photographs they had shared and we were quite moved.

We decided to help out a bit – because a bit  in itself may not be much, but collectively it adds up. The power of numbers, when used constructively, can indeed make a difference. We read the email sent to us by the people who run it there, and their words about our contribution make us feel so nice and warm! 🙂 It feels really good to assist.

Here is their website – I request you to please go through it once and get in touch with them, or share their details with acquaintances or friends if you feel so. They are doing a great job, in our opinion, and we can’t wait to go there and see it all first hand in India sometime.

Together, we can.