If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. What if we are searching among the branches for what appears only in the roots?


Vacation: time to reflect post the immersion

It’s vacation time: time to reflect, post the immense immersion in school.

It’s time to consolidate, review, look back, learn, unlearn, realise, make notes, compile, reenergize, plan. And also, hopefully, time for some immersion in Nature.


Ever since moving to the new city/’job’, I’m  happy on being able to listen to some purely spoken languages here (some new, some familiar) in the past half year, and thinking about the joy of listening to ‘foreign’ words reminds me of this image and the range of feelings associated when one listens to a new tongue. 

Regret flashes by when I accept I didn’t learn Kannada when I had such a good chance to, while in Bangalore. 

But, new place, new beginnings. \m/