Now that’s a Skyline. Not the towering monuments of greed cluttered around in ugly arrangements, like giant ulcers on a map.



As the morning sun struggled to rise up,

fighting to break free from the clouds,

to unwrap itself from the heavy blanket of cold wind,

struggling up from the valley floor,

the clouds pulled the wind up with them,

the wind pulled the clouds up with it,

ssshh. It hissed. And Roared. SSSHHHH

Windy Day (image taken via a Google search)

Windy Day (image taken via a Google search)

The star of the morning

Many moons ago,

I saw a stunning star,

The star of the morning,

I starred the memory as a favorite.

Woke up to stunning weather today. Crisp, fresh air. Cold breeze. Racing clouds and a layer of mist. And the sun peeping out. Most of the times, the sun looked like the moon: tiny, white and cold, except when the clouds moved enough for the sun to shine bright. It felt so amazing to feel the slightest of the warmth reach down, and see the lightest of the shadows fleeting by. I went back to the last time when I was so rooted and staring in awe at this celestial spectacle.
The day is made. I repeat, the day is made. 🙂
Happy ‘Sun’day!

Daily encounters with someone ageless

One of the warmest people we know,

leaves us every evening.

Reminds us that we live in a painting,

one with colorful skies, clouds, grass, trees and reeds.

As he leaves, the shades drip out of the painting,

the tones fade, the hues ooze out.

He walks endlessly,

from horizon to horizon.

Tired, crouched, with slow footsteps,

as he walks away from us;

He brings hope and joy

to the ones who try to see him.

Somewhere, on the horizon,

he seems to gain energy;

which he again distributes to us all,

and fathers the world.

~ ~ ~ ~

He walked away, sure to come back

He walked away, sure to come back

It finally dawned on us, even though it was a sunset. The setting sun, through a canopy of trees in a wooded area near what we call home, looked like a human figure retreating away from us – walking towards a distant horizon, growing smaller, dimmer and colder as he went along.

The right horizon at the right time

streaks of light and color

streaks of light and color

Almost like a pendulum

the sun swung around;

On its morning path it went

spilling colors along;

Birds chirped in tune

like in a cuckoo clock;

A view to behold: drawn on every horizon

wherever someone waited in anticipation.


One Sun, two sun-events (sunrise and sunset), infinite horizons, numberless combinations of clouds, water droplets and dust in the air, countless backgrounds, incalculable frames of mind and limitless words in our single lifetime.

What to expect and what not?

I am fascinated by expectations. They are all around us – society, family, media, etc. etc. all present something or the other at times – do this, buy that, this is considered to be correct, don’t do this, and so on. However, I have realised that somehow the expectations that reward and punish the most, are our own.

Several times, we have wandered in the search of experiences, vacations, events and social gatherings – anticipating something special and have come back slightly disappointed. On the other hand, random, unplanned and accidental events have been some of the most memorable and priceless.

Is this something that arises from the way our minds work ? Does it compare what we have in front of us with something that is “better” or “perfect” according to popular opinion or several other criteria? What if we saw events without rating or measuring them – but just by what they were? Can we? Of course, once in a while our tendency to compare will creep in, and maybe it should too, but what if we could see something in a balanced way first, and then try to put a label to it?

Often, I have seen, for example, a sunset, and wondered “if only I saw this from a beach” or “if only I was in the mountains now; they would have made the horizon look so much prettier” and so on. What I realise is that by doing this “what if” business, I am ruining the current view while my thoughts wander around!

In this age of extra information, job pressures, increased uncertainties of the modern lifestyle and high expectations, I choose to simplify things. I do not wish to squander away the present via looking elsewhere, by looking way ahead in time or backwards all the time. There is much to learn and apply to the self.

That’s why, when I saw the rain stop and the skies suddenly explode in colors one evening, or when I woke up groggily and just happened to glance out of the window without expecting to see a nice sunrise, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the moments much better than what I could probably have a few months back. I did not care about the less-than-perfect vantage point, I did not regret not having the best view, I did not think if clear skies would be that frequent anymore or not. Rather, I learnt to ignore the huge crane in the picture – and focused on the colors!! Glad I did so. 🙂

The dawn of day A few minutes later Forgot to open the window! Ignored the crane! Bliss!

This is one of the things I love about travelling and trying to be in touch with Nature by trying to understand it – the opportunity to see something unexpected comes so easily. It could be something as small as a different preparation of tea or coffee to something big enough to eventually shed light on us. Like a glorious sunrise or sunset.