Water colours 

Water colours on multiple media..odourless, colourless, transparent liquid, but paints everything so beautifully. 


Seasonal trophies


showering down

tiny explosions

as they hit the ground.


Kamikaze Rain drops,

dive bombing,

plummet onto land

bouncing back homewards.


The first few rows of soldiers

are chopped down,

No mercy.

The solar army hot

in its months-long momentum,

an angry shield of potent heat.


The battles continue

like they have since seasons many.

Now the Trees join in, an uprising,

and lakes begin swelling with energy,

the wind picks up and blows the heat away.


I’ll come back stronger, says the Sun,

to burn the trees, pull the water back,

strangle the breeze,

and reclaim my transparent, watery trophy.


Advantage, Rain.

Advantage, Rain.


In the scent of the earth as she bathes,
and the roar of the sea when she waves
In the stillness of the river as oars strike,
and the wetness of dew as sun awakes
In the thirst of a man lost at sea,
and the farmer’s smile as spells break
In the dreams that set sail as boats float,
and the splash in mudplies as kids play
In the soft tryst with snow as it fades,
and the sweet sound of drops as trees sway
In the fate of the leaves as seasons change,
and the wells of joy ‘n sorrow that tears make
You are.
Therefore I am