All aboard?

Almost time to depart on the next leg of the journey!

Some new tracks, metal fabric stitching us together, some new scenery, some fresh rolling stock, some new co-travelers, some younger, older and more familiar, all of us hopefully better versions of ourselves.. All of us with our own baggage, hopefully optimized and repacked over the short break.

New time tables planned, new plans now tabled, new tracks mapped out, new maps which need to be tracked, on this train where all are passengers, guards, loco drivers, station masters as well as the teams less visible in the background, often, all at once..

All on-board? Let the wheels roll!


Freedom from In-dependence

Today, as we celebrate Independence Day, and freedom, the question that keeps popping up in my head is if we really are independent, and more ‘’pinchingly’’, are we really free?

Freedom from a foreign power, in India’s case? Yes.

Freedom from Prejudice, narrow / close – mindedness? How about Freedom from Ego and the illusion of Power and control? What about freedom to question / debate?

I read these beautiful words “I’m more concerned with retreading ideas” – (from Paul Salopek’s masterful series of dispatches from his incredible expedition – ‘’’’) – and I wonder if we all, as a nation, as a people, are free to retread ideas? Or will we be blocked by something or someone? Legislation, regulation, religion, bias, inertia, something else? Will we want to invest our ‘non-renewable’ time into something so long-term not knowing whether it might become a success? Will we be free from the restraints of poverty and illiteracy?

A lot of questions remain unanswered. Some of them are new, and not yet understood; a lot of them- much older. The solutions seem to be coming in quickly now. A lot of things are improving, slowly maybe, but certainly. I think all across the world, people have never been this awake and vocal. Loads of campaigns, lots of petitions, discussions in forums, debates on social media, and so on are somehow managing to turn negative and frustration-inducing energy into ideas, into ‘wanting-to-do’, harmonizing scores of people slowly, but surely.

Maybe, if things continue like this towards a positive trend, in a few years we will see a tipping point, a point where the masses do, not dream of. The myopic introspection we all seem to suffer from, at some point of time or other, will be corrected.

On this Independence Day, let’s take a pledge to be become free, not just in a political sense, but at individual level; not just at the national level, but at a global level; not just for humans, but for all of nature and the intricate Ecosystem; not just in words, but also in action.

All freedom struggles have been wanted badly enough, have been tough and long-fought. How about a collective struggle for our planet, and the incredibly varied and diverse life forms that inhabit it?

To Freedom!

Wish me luck universe !

It’s been quite an incredible 4 months, I would not know from where to begin penning it all down. So many events, both outside and inside ; feels like I have been on a self – spun merry-go-round , slowing down only to be spun faster, and feeling dizzy each time I slowed down. The trick, as I am slowly figuring out, to enjoying the merry-go-round – which was the intention behind getting on it in the first place, is to find my own rate of spinning – a self-sustainable joyful pace. And as I find that pace, the views become calming and exciting, instead of distressing and fleeting.

One of the views has been of working with differently-abled children at a local NGO which addresses the needs of children from the lower income groups. When I started volunteering a month back, I was overwhelmed – overwhelmed by the disturbing stories of emotional and physical abuse behind a lot of the kids , overwhelmed at the same time by their incredible and indomitable capacities of happiness and love. Now that the amplitude and the period of my pendulum-like emotions have decided to move towards a state of equilibrium, I find myself face-to-face with an explosion of facts.

This is my first experience of working with an NGO, first experience as an art educator/therapist, first experience of working with children, first experience of potentially getting involved in the running of an NGO, basically a lot of firsts. I am extremely excited and nervous of the unknowns here, trillions of butterflies multiplying billions of times in my stomach, and I have ideas and thoughts flooding my mind every second.

Ironically, the children are proving to be my pacemakers, helping me find that self-sustainable joyful pace I find so extremely crucial, my personal elixir concocted from the extensive talks with Rp.


I pray that I will be the best version of myself daily, and that my views will be those of smiling faces. Here’s also to the realization of yet another dream! And in case I haven’t thanked you enough universe, THANK YOU!

Wishing everyone a Happy new year! :-)

Like waves which break on the beach,

retreat and then merge into a new wave,

With similar cosmic continuity,

I hope we live – closer to the earth.

cyclical, eternal, renewable and short-lived


As we continue our orbital journey around the sun, as a new year begins, I wish that all of us are orbited and surrounded by happiness, thoughts, balance, strength and ever increasing sensibility!

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year! 🙂