May the light and magic show continue!

A lot of things have happened in the past couple of months. A lot of confusion prevailed. We met a lot of positive and inspiring people. We realized the importance of protecting our own internal (and infinite) energies and not allowing it to be contaminated by the noise and fears of the external society. We went through a spell of bad health, partly fueled by needless stress. In the process of recovery, we killed some bad habits. Life is becoming better now. While there was always excitement and happiness in ‘the future’, I, especially, have made a shift and am bringing that excitement and happiness into my today. I don’t want to wait and depend on tomorrow for being in my best spirits – It has to happen today.

I have quit my job as an engineer and will be joining a school, working as a teacher in the coming months. While the insecurity of leaving a high paying job scared me for almost two years, I have been chipping away at it and now I am finally comfortable to take the plunge to lower salaries. It is ironic and sad, how a teacher is poorly paid, considering the importance of the role. However, we’re looking forward to revisiting some of our textbooks from about two decades back, and are really excited to re-learn everything, with several new mindsets that these two decades have helped grow. Along with the now available and fantastic online exposure (articles, videos, blog posts, info-graphics, etc) I really can’t wait to make some notes!

Recently I stumbled on this photograph, taken against the backdrop of a dark sea at night. It reminds me that it is time for the light and magic show to continue, and become stronger.

Let there be Light, and Magic.

Let there be Light, and Magic.



(up) rooted

A bird flapped its wings and they moved,

the air moved to become the breeze,

the breeze shook the leaves,

which flapped and flew away, like birds,

and there I was, rooted in self.


Forced Reflection


Lying restless, inertial her thoughts,
oscillating from was , to what could be
Tormenting awareness of a wasted now,
She twists and turns, incessantly.

She finds relief in night no more,
a knight armed with countless dreams
Her faith lost before the joust,
The Spear – a fear of defeat;

Never realising all this while
It was her spear that killed her dreams.

Time , the healer, what shall he heal ?
He fights denial, instead reveals
And gently probing her loveless wounds,
He works his magic and pain shoots.

Sudden panic, oh how she suffers !
Denial , her constant refuge to pain
But Time comes to aid, over and over,
Till she surrenders all to her strength;

Her strength to not seek random shadows
But a familiar and wiser reflection.


acrylic on canvas , 1 week