Feel the rain.

The magic that is monsoon, after the months of waiting, the looking up at empty skies, the beating of the cruel sun, the long days of summer, the dry landscape, helplessly watching the weakening rivers and lakes, the cracking up of the soil, the slow roasting of leaves on plants, awaiting the cooler breeze of the evening, waiting..

And magically, cyclically, slowly, sometimes suddenly and scarily fast, there is a cloud formation like this. Pregnant with hope.

Flash! Boom! Crack! Boom! Rumble! The breeze picks up, the mercury cuddles up and shrinks and cowers down, trees open up – sway and dance, birds seem to surf the skies in the strong gusts and our hearts soar as the first tiny or the first HUGE drops splatter down.

Feel the rain, don’t get ‘just’ wet.


Back ‘home'(?) or rather, back to school.

I no longer know where home is.

All I do know is the feeling of being welcome in a place, the warmth, the vibes, the familiarity and new lessons.

Bangalore has been a place which has shaped me, and almost exactly a year later, (and what a year it has been, the first year as an educator / learning facilitator (not sure if the word ‘teacher’ exists!), as we return there for a brief time, I can’t help but remember the lessons learnt, and all that had been unlearnt there, of what to do and, what not.

Looking forward!